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Carmel is an experienced psychologist offering counselling sessions and mediation for adults, couples and families at Colourfully.


On the counselling side, Carmel supports adults who undergo major transitions in their lives (about their health, their relationship, their family or their career), as well as adults struggling to communicate with their environment. 


On the mediation side, Carmel offers a way of dealing with conflict, by creating a benevolent space to speak and address communication impasses. As a specifically trained professional, she takes no sides and is bound by confidentiality. Mediation provides solutions for anyone who is in crisis or in conflict with those around them.

Carmel has more than fifteen years of experience with individuals, couples and families within top tier public university hospitals and private settings. She spent her career supporting and empowering individuals to communicate, addressing all pathological or social aspects of language and expression: she conducted applied research and psychological assessments about language, provided psychological and speech therapy to both children and adults, supported language rehabilitation in community, palliative and neurological services, and more recently facilitated conflict resolution between couples and families. 

Carmel holds a Master in Psychology, a Master in Speech and Language Pathology, as well as a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Mediation from the University of Geneva. She published her research in peer-reviewed journals in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. 

Carmel provides individual, couple or family sessions in French, or in English. A Swiss citizen from Geneva, she has also lived and worked in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore with her family, and understands first-hand the challenges of transition and expatriation.

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If you are interested in starting sessions with Carmel, kindly fill in this form: she will reply to you within three working days.

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