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Mediation is a way of dealing with conflict through a specifically trained professional who takes no sides and is bound by confidentiality.


Family mediation provides solutions for anyone who is in crisis or in conflict with those around them.


Mediation is based on the voluntary participation of each participant. It allows the conflict to be overcome and a dialogue to be re-established in a spirit of respect and responsibility. Mediation also allows for the joint search for solutions that allow each person to find their place within the family.


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People turn to family mediation in the context of crises or conflicts:


- family: difficulties with their teenage child, disagreements within the family, between brothers and sisters, on the division of inheritance, on the placement of a family member in a retirement home, on important decisions generating blockages;


- marital: adoption, disagreements within the couple (education, place of living, division of tasks, in-laws), couples in a situation of break-up, separated couples (reception and custody of children, division of property, budget), reconstituted families;


- inter-generational: tensions, frequent clashes or breakdown in communication, breakdown in the bond between a parent and child or between members of the same family. 

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Any question concerning the family in the strict or extended sense, such as :


- I don't know how to make myself heard in my family anymore; 

- who is going to stay in the home after our separation;

- how to divide the property;

- who will have parental authority

- where the children will live after our separation;

- what to do if one of us decides to return to Europe with the children;

- I think it is unfair how my spouse sees the distribution of our financial assets;

- I don't share/no longer share my spouse's views and don't know how to make him/her understand;




- my teenage daughter no longer speaks to me; 

- I don't understand my teenage son who shuts down or gets angry whenever I want to talk to him;

- I no longer have a relationship with my father because of a long-standing disagreement and I would like to reconnect with him;

- I have inherited a family home. My siblings want to sell it but I'm against it;

- my parents refuse to be placed in a nursing home, I can't take care of them anymore and I don't know how to tell them.

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How does the mediation process take place?

The first stage starts with a preliminary individual or joint interview with the aim of identifying the needs and interests of the participants and preparing for the subsequent sessions. The second stage is directed towards the confrontation of points of view and the joint construction of solutions.

I am afraid of finding myself in a situation where the mediator takes sides with the other party. How can I avoid this?

 Mediators are impartial, neutral and independent of the participants.


How many sessions are needed?

 In general, it takes between 3 and 10 sessions, depending on the complexity and the participation of the parties.


I am separating from my spouse. Is it possible to talk only about the division of custody of our children?

 Yes, the mediator will assist you in your needs. 


Can the mediator give me information on legal matters?

 No. The mediator cannot give legal information and cannot be held responsible for the decisions taken by the participants.

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You may contact our therapist Carmel Gevers directly at carmel@colourfully.sg

Carmel Gevers


Counselling and mediation for adults, couples and families on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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