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(6-week course | 90-min sessions)

This is a six-week mindfulness program for adults with ADHD looking specifically at flexible, easy to apply techniques to help improve focus, calm and resilience in the face of their challenges.


It will support participants establish daily habits that help them feel safer and more confident with their mind and in their world. The emphasis will be on ways of applying mindfulness that are not only about sitting still, but also include presence, body awareness and mindful movement activities.


[mindfulness teacher]

Annelaure Vuillermoz, psychotherapist and coach, has extensive experience in supporting adults with ADHD in Singapore. She has shared about this work at regional mental health conferences (APBAM 2015, Asian Congress on ADHD 2016). To know more, you may check Annelaure's bio.


Sessions last 90 minutes and include experiencing different mindfulness practices and sharing.

Session 1: Practical principles of mindfulness and how to get started with daily habits.

Session 2: Ways of building focus.

Session 3: Mindfulness for improving functional memory and remembrance.

Session 4: Emotional regulation and well-being.

Session 5: Dealing with and thriving with stress.

Session 6: Mindfulness for relationships and social interaction.


This course is only open to adults living with ADHD. The group will be limited to 9 participants to ensure enough time for individual questions.

Please understand that this group is not open to mental health or well-being professionals willing to learn about either mindfulness or ADHD management, to preserve the safety and focus of sessions. This boundary is similar for all Colourfully programs for adults with ADHD. You will find on Toby's website an alternative: his course dedicated to professionals. Annelaure also recommends the book "The mindfulness prescription for  adult ADHD", by Lidia Zylowska.

Any questions? Please send a message to to know more about this course.

Sundays from 11 am to 12:30 pm,

from XX XX XX (6 sessions)

Venue: 78B Pagoda Street

Chinatown MRT exit A

Fees: XXX

for six 90-min sessions


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