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The following organizations have hired Colourfully to facilitate individual and group sessions (art therapy, coaching or facilitation) with their teams, beneficiaries, or clients:

WE CARE Community Services

WE CARE is an addiction recovery center providing professional and affordable treatment programs, thanks to an awesome team of counselors and recovery guides. Its day drop-in center is a safe haven for people in recovery. Colourfully has been facilitating art therapy sessions and a weekly open art studio for 2 years.

The Red Pencil Singapore

The Red Pencil is a non-profit organization helping children, adults, and families through Arts Therapy. Thanks to their coordination initiative and funds raised by Women on a Mission, Colourfully has facilitated a weekly group art therapy in a center for teenagers at risk for 18 months.

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General Assembly (GA)

General Assembly (GA) is a pioneer startup in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills (web development, UX, etc.) GA Singapore hired Colourfully for an on-site intervention: an opportunity to appreciate the inclusive values of this fast-growing startup team!

British Council Singapore

The Professional Development Center offers open training workshops in leadership development, creativity and innovation, diversity and inclusion, productivity and performance, ... Colourfully collaborates with British Council to facilitate some of them: we may meet there if you sign up!

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Here is a list of trusted professionals and partners who have referred clients to Colourfully, and whose services we highly recommend:

Psychotherapy & Counselling:




Allied Health Professionals:

General & Functional Medicine:

Psychiatric Medicine:


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