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At times, it is confusing for clients and stakeholders in Singapore, many having known Colourfully from day one, to understand who currently works there... 

In 2016, Colourfully started as a one-woman army headquartered in Botanic Gardens, and after a few episodes, grew within two years into a Chinatown shophouse floor buzzing with a team of therapists and clients. In parallel, Colourfully also became increasingly present virtually, as clients asked for sessions when travelling and moving globally: we were ready when the pandemic hit. After a few years maintaining both a brick & mortar and digital presence, and a few more episodes... Colourfully morphed into a 100% virtual company in 2023, with clients and projects buzzing on several time zone.

Trois visuels: Botanic Gardens, Chinatown, the Matrix.

Now: Count on availability for online sessions 45 weeks per year. for timezone from Europe to Asia.

Small group events online 

Projects: Community Art Projects - Training - Seminars in SG 2 to 3 times a year

Collaborations for continuous projects: Alex for ADHD Support Group

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