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This group is open to all adults with ADHD willing to connect, share, support and get support from peers. There are people from all ages, genders, origins and occupations in the group - some have known about their ADHD for years now, others recently identified it.

The only condition to join the group is to start by participating to our small group psycho-education workshop "New to Adult ADHD?". This introductory session online is held on a monthly basis. Subsequently, you may attend the face-to-face support group meeting every month if you wish to. 

Group meetings take place the third Tuesday of the month, from 7 pm to 8:30 pmYou must absolutely register before going (we manage group size). Booking is available at the bottom of this page.

Meetings are held in a counselling office close to Alexandra (Boon Leat Terrace). The exact office and directions are provided by email immediately after booking. It is a 3-min walk from Harbour Side Bldg 2 bus stop, and a 9-min walk from Pasir Panjang MRT.

Sessions are facilitated and based on a predefined topic (like procrastination, personal finance management, relationships, and so on) to allow every participant to share, reflect and connect with others. Participants may use this monthly structure to set intentions of self-improvement and reach their goals. 

I have facilitated this support group for 7 years, and stopped due to the pandemic. As I am now based in Europe and working online, my former colleague Alex Lim, an experienced counsellor, former group participant and really nice person, has kindly offered to become the main facilitator. This way our large group meeting remains a face-to-face experience!

Participation fees for each session are $15, to allow all interested people to join. You will have to attend the introductory workshop before joining us, hence pay fees of $90. If you are keen to join but experiencing financial hardship, please write to

Please understand that this group is not open to professionals or psychology students willing to learn about ADHD. This strict rule ensures the confidentiality and sense of safety of our participants. The group is not open to family members of people with ADHD neither, as they have very different experiences and concerns. To find suitable information or groups, you may write to



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