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(monthly 90-min online group meetings, held on Monday evenings)

Our group is open to all adults with ADD/ADHD willing to connect, share, support and get support from peers. To join us, the first step is to participate in our psycho-education workshop 'Adult ADD/ADHD: What you need to know to manage'. This introductory session is held on a monthly basis. Subsequently, you may attend the support group meeting once every month. 

Meetings are facilitated and based on a predefined topic (procrastination, personal finance management, relationships, and so on) to allow every participant to share, reflect and connect with others. Members may use this monthly structure to set intentions of self-improvement and reach their goals. 

These meetings are now online due to COVID safety measures. We are working on a collaborative platform to exchange updates and useful resources in between sessions. 

Please understand that this group is not open to professionals or psychology students willing to learn about ADHD, to ensure the confidentiality and sense of safety of our members. Nonetheless Annelaure regularly gives talks about ADHD in adults or share expertise with colleagues: you can contact her at

Participation fees for each session are only $15, to allow all interested people to join. You will have to attend the introductory workshop before joining us, hence pay fees of $90. If you are keen to join but not currently able to pay such workshop fees, please contact us at


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