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every month

the fourth Tuesday


at Colourfully

78B Pagoda Street

Welcome Home, 2018. Digital Photography.

You are invited to join your fellow art therapists for a monthly group session of response art. During this un-facilitated meeting of 1.5 hours, we will make art together, explore and share our experiences, and support one another. 


This initiative was inspired by Dr. Barbara Fish's workshop on Response Art organised by ATAS in August 2018. Twenty art therapists came together to make art about their practice and identity, creating a sense of togetherness and community that many of us had not felt for a long time. It made Colourfully new studio, opened at 78B Pagoda Street only three days before, feel like home.


From October onwards, an open meeting will take place at Colourfully every month, the fourth Tuesday, from 7:30 pm to 9 pm. 

If you are keen to attend the next session, kindly register below!

(Registration allows to prepare the studio layout according to participants' number).

A contribution of $12 is asked to cover art materials and drinks.

You may bring snacks if you wish to, we will all share.



NB: Please understand that this meeting is only open to art therapists. Other mental health professionals or students willing to learn more about art therapy may write to to receive information about other events more relevant to their needs and questions. Thank you!



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