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by Cornelia Elbrecht


Following a first introduction to Clay Field therapy workshop facilitated by Cornelia Elbrecht in Singapore in August 2019, Colourfully offers the full professional certification training in collaboration with the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy in 2020-2021.


Work at the Clay Field® is a sensorimotor, body-focused, trauma-informed art therapy approach. It is a unique modality based on the sense of touch, predominantly non-verbal. It supports the awareness of body memories, without necessarily being concerned with an image-making process. A powerful tactile modality, it can evoke, structure and transform the inner world and an individual's biography. 


Recognised in Europe as a discipline in its own right, it is currently practiced by over 500 Clay Field Therapists in numerous institutions. It is particularly useful in the context of working with both adults and children, especially for developmental setbacks and trauma. It is widely used in women's shelters, refugee centers and to facilitate trauma healing.

Cornelia Elbrecht is a leader in ground breaking art therapy techniques with a particular focus on healing trauma. An art therapist with over 40 years experience she is a renowned author, educator and the Founder of the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy in Australia. 

18-day certification program over 6 weekends

in March 2020, October 2020 & March 2021

Standard fees: $4,800

Early bird: $4,200 until 15/11/2019



In recent years “sensorimotor” has emerged as a term to describe body focused psychotherapies that use a bottom-up approach. Instead of a cognitive top-down strategy, sensorimotor art therapy encourages the awareness of innate motor impulses in the muscles and viscera, also as heart-rate and breath. The expression of these motor impulses followed by their perception through the senses, allows the development of new neurological pathways that can bypass traumatic memories; such an approach is capable of restoring wholeness and wellbeing.

Work at the Clay Field® is a sensorimotor, body-focused, trauma-informed art therapy approach. It is not necessarily concerned with an image-making process, but supports the awareness of body memories. While these memories are always biographical, the therapy itself is not symptom-oriented. Not the specific problem or crisis becomes the focal point, but the option to new answers and solutions as they are embedded in the body's felt sense. Such sensorimotor achievements are remembered similar to learning how to swim or ride a bike. They are lasting achievements that can transform even early infant developmental set-backs; they assist in finding an active response to traumatic experiences. They allow us to rewrite our biography towards a more authentic, alive sense of self.


The Clay Field is a flat rectangular wooden box that holds 10 – 15 kg of clay. A bowl of water is supplied. This simple setting offers a symbolic “world” for the hands to explore. There will be no art work to be taken home. The hands enter the Clay Field and move in it; in their ability or inability to “handle” the material they tell the client's life story. The hands then can be encouraged to find ways to deal with situations and events, to complete actions that previously could not be coped with.

Sensorimotor Art Therapy


The Clay Field Therapy Training Program comprises a series of 6 modules as an advanced training for a limited number of interested professionals and students. The maximum group size will be 16, as four assistants will support the process.


The six 3-day workshops should equip participants with fundamental skills to work with the Clay Field in a therapeutic way. The 160 group hours will include individual sessions, seminars, co-counselling and supervision. Participants are asked to commit to the entire training: all modules need to be completed in order to receive the certificate of completion, which authorises the participant to work as a fully qualified Clay Field Therapist.


The aim of the course is to enable its participants to integrate Clay Field Therapy into the existing framework of their current practice, be it as art therapist, expressive arts therapist, play therapist, counsellor, social worker, teacher, nurse, artist or psychologist.


The focus will be on the experience of Work at the Clay Field in an environment suitable for personal development. At the same time the approaches and techniques will be made transparent in order to make it possible to acquire profound techniques of working with the Clay Field in a therapeutic way.


13-14-15 March 2020


21-22-23 March 2020


2-3-4 October 2020


9-10-11 October 2020


5-6-7 March 2021


12-13-14 March 2021

You may download this document to read about detailed contents of the six modules:

Course outline


BA, MA (Art Ed), AThR, SEP

Cornelia has more than 40 years of experience as an art therapist. She is also a Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist (SEP). She is the director of the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy.


She has studied at the School for Initiatic Art Therapy in Germany, also Jungian and Gestalt therapy, Bioenergetics and bodywork. She is founder and director of the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy, School for Initiatic Art Therapy. She worked as founder, co-worker and trainer in 'Neuenzell', a centre for self-awareness and meditation in the Black Forest. She is the founder and director of 'Claerwen Retreat' in Apollo Bay, Victoria.


Cornelia has lectured in Art Therapy at RMIT, Melbourne. She is a registered professional member of ANZACATA, the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Art Therapy Association and IEATA International Expressive Arts Therapies Association. Cornelia gives courses and individual sessions internationally, throughout Australia and in private practice at Claerwen Retreat in Apollo Bay, Australia.

Cornelia has published three books, several essays and a training video on sensorimotor art therapy. Some of her publications have been translated into over 20 languages worldwide.

Cornelia Elbrecht


Certification fees:

$4,800 (18 days of training) 

corresponding to $800 per module of 3 days


Early Bird (for applications completed before 15/11/19):

$4,200 (18 days of training)

corresponding to $700 per module of 3 days

A deposit of $800, or $700 for early bird (until 15 November 2019), is due on application. Should an applicant be not accepted the otherwise non-refundable deposit will be returned in full. The deposit will roll over and account as part payment for the last module in 2021.

Invoicing is done progressively, by semester. The overall payment calendar for early bird fees is as follows:

2019: Deposit of $700

2020: $2,800

2021: $700

Should someone be unable to attend one module, an effort will be made to find compensation on an individual basis to enable the student to catch up with the rest of the course material. In order to receive the training certificate at the end, the required hours must have been attended.

Program fees


You may apply for the certification training in clay field therapy by filling in the form accessible with the button below. Payment of the deposit will be requested by bank transfer.

We kindly ask you to read our training terms and conditions before applying. Any questions? Please write to

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